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Maximize Your Salesforce ROI with Our
Comprehensive Health Assessment

Expert Analysis by Certified Consultants for Optimized Performance
HLS (Healthcare and Life Sciences) specialist

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Salesforce Health Assessment - What is it?

A Salesforce Health Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the performance and configuration of a Salesforce instance conducted by a certified consultant. This assessment is designed to scrutinize various aspects of the Salesforce environment to ensure it is functioning optimally.

Our Methodology

Is Your Organization a Candidate for a
Health Assessment?


Mismatched Salesforce Workflows Compared with Business Processes


Platform architecture doesn’t support business: reporting challenges


Disorganized instance & lack of documentation due to staff turnover


Data Issues, Duplication of data, missing data & integration challenges


Multiple business units having their distinct & unique business processes making implementation difficult


Lack of Salesforce best practices or platform experience

Meet Our Salesforce Practice Lead

The mind behind our health assessment offering

Shahzad Khokhar

Global Head of Healthcare and Salesforce,
Accelirate Inc.
Shahzad is an entrepreneur, a teacher, a coach, and a dad. He has a master’s degree from Columbia University and is a certified leadership coach through the Cornell University leadership program. While at Columbia, Shahzad won the Columbia Innovation award for his invention, KloudSign, a digital signage solution. He joined Accelirate as part of the acquisition of his Salesforce start up, araZach. While at araZach, Shahzad also created botConnector, an RPA based integration solution for connecting patient data with Health Cloud. Most recently, he was part of the Boston University MBA program teaching team.

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