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How Accelirate's Automated Ticket Management

Saves Over $45,000 Annually for Leading Travel Agency


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Client Overview

The client is a prominent travel agency that provides comprehensive travel solutions to individuals and businesses. Their core services include booking flights, managing travel itineraries, and ensuring seamless travel experiences for their customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Automated 12 key ticket management and validation subprocesses.
  • Eliminated manual data reconciliation across multiple systems.
  • Improved data accuracy and reduced human errors.
  • Increased operational efficiency and cost savings.
The client faced challenges in managing and validating airline tickets due to manual processes and frequent discrepancies across multiple systems. This cumbersome process involved significant human intervention, leading to errors and inefficiencies. To address these issues, the client partnered with Accelirate, a leading automation solutions provider, to implement a Robotic Process Automation solution tailored to their needs. Accelirate conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s existing processes and identified opportunities for automation to streamline operations and improve accuracy.

Enhancing Ticket Management Efficiency with Targeted Automation Solutions

The manual management of air tickets posed several challenges for the travel agency, including the need for updates across multiple applications, manual report downloads, and data accuracy checks. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) had to handle discrepancies by manually updating backend systems, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, the need to manage and validate tickets for different scenarios like duplicates, discrepancies, customer billing errors, and agent requests for corrections added layers of complexity and increased the likelihood of human errors.
To address these challenges, Accelirate implemented a comprehensive and automated solution that covered 12 key subprocesses of airline ticket management and validation. The solution aimed to eliminate manual data reconciliation, reduce human errors, and improve data accuracy.
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Annual Mapping
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01- Mapping Manual Activities:

Conducted a comprehensive mapping of all manual activities performed by SMEs to identify automation opportunities.

02 - Formulating Business Rules:

Formulated business rules for each of the 12 subprocesses to cover all potential scenarios.

03 - Access Permissions:

Obtained access permissions for the frontend or backend of the three applications involved.

04 - Runtime Schedules:

Configured different runtime schedules for each subprocess.

05 - Automated Data Processing:

Automated the process of downloading, comparing, and rectifying information across systems.

06 - Summarizing Reports:

Implemented a system to send execution reports and summaries to SMEs for monitoring and follow-up.
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Accelirate’s 12-Step Solution Design Approach

The solution design approach implemented by Accelirate covered 12 key subprocesses to streamline the airline ticket management and validation process for the travel agency. These subprocesses addressed various aspects of ticket management, including discrepancy identification, financial validation, and report generation. Here is an outline of the same to provide a clear understanding of how Accelirate approached the automation project.
  • Upload and Download of the Discrepancy Report from Application A: Accelirate automated the process of generating the discrepancy report for air tickets in Application B, uploading it to Application A, and downloading the comparison of information from the two systems the following day to identify any discrepancies.
  • Financial Validation of the Various Branches: The solution compared the financial details of different branches from the weekly report between Applications A and B to ensure accuracy.
  • Daily Report of Air Transactions on Application A: Accelirate automated the process of downloading the daily report of air transactions from the previous day in Application A and saving it in a shared folder for future audits. Solution Design Approach
  • Duplicate Service Fee: The solution identified and fixed duplicate service fee report discrepancies to maintain data integrity.
  • Discrepancy Identification: Accelirate implemented a process to identify discrepancies in air transactions across Applications A, B, and C. Solution Design Approach
  • Resolving Discrepancies: The solution addressed and resolved the identified discrepancies to ensure accurate ticket management. Solution Design Approach
  • Refund Exchange & Paper Ticket Report: Accelirate automated the process of downloading the Paper Ticket Report, validating it, and obtaining necessary information for each refund and exchange validation.
  • Sales & Summary: The solution downloaded the report for air transactions of the week for each branch on Application B to provide a comprehensive view of sales. Solution Design Approach
  • Void Logs: Accelirate implemented a process to manage agent requests to void tickets in Application A.
  • Weekly Air Transactions Report on Application A: The solution automated the process of downloading the weekly report of air transactions from the previous week in Application A and saving it in a shared folder for future audits.
  • Weekly Report Submission on Application B: Accelirate compared financial data between the report generated in Application A and Application B for branch audits to ensure consistency. Solution Design Approach
  • Weekly Air Transactions Report on Application C: The solution downloaded the weekly report of air transactions from the previous week in Application C and saved it in a shared folder for future audits. Solution Design Approach

Driving Operational Excellence and Team Efficiency with Automated Ticket Management

The unique aspect of the solution implemented by Accelirate was its comprehensive approach to automating 12 key subprocesses of airline ticket management and validation. By addressing each step of the process, from discrepancy reporting to void log management, Accelirate ensured that the client had a robust and efficient system in place to handle all aspects of ticket management. This approach demonstrated the power of intelligent automation by delivering measurable results. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

01 -Annual Cost Savings:

Achieved over $45,000 in annual cost savings by eliminating manual data reconciliation and reducing human errors.

02 - Time Savings:

Saved more than 1,500 hours per year in manual effort, allowing the agency to focus on strategic initiatives and customer service.

03 - Improved Accuracy:

Processed over 72,000 transactions annually with improved accuracy, ensuring a seamless experience for travelers.

04 - Eliminated Manual Data Reconciliation:

Eliminated manual data reconciliation across multiple systems, reducing the risk of discrepancies and ensuring data integrity.

05 - Reduced Human Errors:

Reduced human errors and improved data accuracy by automating key processes, such as discrepancy identification and resolution.

06 - Increased Operational Efficiency:

Increased operational efficiency and streamlined ticket management processes, enabling the agency to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.
For each process, there is an output report detailing the successful execution of the reports. Some of these reports are downloaded from each application and stored in a shared folder, while others, given their transaction-based nature, generate an output report listing the successful execution of each transaction.
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Innovate and Scale with Accelirate’s Automation Solutions

This case study highlights how automating ticket management processes led to remarkable improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. Through the implementation of advanced automation solutions, the client was able to achieve significant cost savings, reduced manual effort, and enhanced data accuracy. This transformation not only streamlined their operations but also empowered their teams to focus on strategic initiatives and deliver exceptional service to their customers.
Looking to transform your operations and achieve similar success? Partnering with a trusted RPA service provider like Accelirate can streamline the process. Let’s explore the possibilities together!

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