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Proven Strategies for Stable Automation: Reducing Application Exceptions

Article by Mike Booker | April 12, 2024

Reducing Application Exceptions


Join industry expert Mike Booker as he guides you toward automation excellence in this insightful content. Discover actionable strategies to minimize application exceptions and ensure the success of your Intelligent Automation (IA) initiatives. How can you identify root causes and implement robust error handling? What role do proactive monitoring and effective change management play in revolutionizing your automation game? Eager to learn more? Dive in to get all the answers and share your thoughts by writing to us.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Root Causes: Addressing technical and operational shortcomings to reduce application exceptions.
  • Strategies for Exception Reduction: Best practices for stable automation.
  • Visualization for Monitoring: Utilizing visual dashboards and alerts to monitor data enabling quick decision-making.
  • Client Success Story: How Accelirate ROC helped manufacturing company reduce application exceptions by 60%.

Application exceptions are a persistent obstacle in Intelligent Automation (IA) initiatives, leading to process disruptions, productivity losses, and potentially negative impacts on the customer experience.

If you're struggling with the frustrating consequences of these unexpected errors, know that you're not alone. In this thought leadership blog, we'll uncover the root causes of exceptions and provide actionable strategies for minimizing their occurrence while also delving into the critical aspect of Exception Management in RPA.

Root Causes: Why Exceptions Happen

Application exceptions rarely happen in a vacuum. They often arise due to technical issues such as data mismatches, integration errors, or unexpected input formats. Operational shortcomings, like inadequate monitoring or poor change management practices, can also create an environment where exceptions thrive. By addressing both the technical and operational aspects, you can significantly reduce exceptions and create a more reliable IA environment.

Strategies for Application Exception Reduction

Strategies Exception Reduction

Robust Error Handling

Begin with proactive trapping of potential exceptions and designing workflows for graceful degradation. This involves logging errors strategically, notifying relevant teams promptly, and potentially implementing auto-retry logic. Craft detailed error messages to streamline troubleshooting.

Preventive Monitoring

Track key metrics such as transaction throughput, exception rates, and processing speed. Utilize visual dashboards for oversight and set up tiered alerts to prioritize critical issues.

Root Cause Analysis

Go beyond the code to uncover process design flaws or inadequate change control. Build a knowledge base of resolved exceptions and analyze trends to target systemic issues.

Ownership and Change Management

Establish clear ownership, implement rigorous change management practices, and make robust testing an integral part of your automation lifecycle.

What are some effective ways to visualize monitoring data for quick decision-making?

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Client Success Story: Quick Overview

Let’s look at a real-world success story that establishes the transformative power of effective exception reduction strategies.

Client Background

The client is a prominent player in the manufacturing industry, known for its commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction. With a global presence and a diverse portfolio of offerings, the company looked for a stable automation environment that could mitigate application exceptions.

Challenges Faced

The leading manufacturing company was facing significant challenges in their automation journey. Their automation initiatives were hindered by a high rate of application exceptions. These exceptions were primarily due to data mismatches, integration errors, and unexpected input formats. The lack of proactive error handling and robust monitoring escalated the issue, leading to prolonged downtimes and manual interventions.

Solutions Implemented

Recognizing the critical need for change, the client partnered with Accelirate ROC to overcome automation challenges, optimize automation workflows, and achieve a stable and reliable automation environment aligned with their business goals.

Automation experts from Accelirate implemented scalable solutions that helped reduce the exceptions and create a more resilient automation ecosystem ensuring future growth and flexibility. They introduced proactive error handling, advanced monitoring tools, and streamlined change management processes. Root cause analysis was conducted to identify process flaws, and AI-driven insights were leveraged for optimization.

Results Achieved

The partnership resulted in a 60% reduction in application exceptions, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. Improved visibility and control facilitated proactive decision-making, while streamlined change management ensured uninterrupted operations and increased system reliability.

Client Testimonial

The client expressed profound satisfaction with the strategies implemented by Accelirate ROC.

The proactive approach to error handling and robust monitoring have been game-changers for our automation initiatives. We have experienced tangible benefits in terms of reduced exceptions, improved productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction.
Client Testimonial

Moving Beyond Exceptions to Achieve Perfection

Slashing application exceptions isn't about achieving perfection; it's about establishing a proactive, data-driven approach to managing your automation environment. By incorporating the strategies we've outlined, you'll minimize disruptions, meet SLAs consistently, and ensure your IA initiatives deliver the value your business expects.

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