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Mule 3 to Mule 4 Migration

The Mulesoft 3.x now has an upgraded version- Mulesoft 4.x, and it also has an open-source tool, that although isn’t perfect, aids in the Migration process- Mule Migration Assistant (MMA). Without the MMA, the other option is to rewrite the entire code of the previous version. So does it seem unnecessary?

Why should you Upgrade?

  • Using a prior version of any software can be harmful, as it lacks the security and fixes from the latest version
  • Using outdated software will only push you further away from your competitors
  • Reap the maximum benefits of Mulesoft API management with the latest and faster version

Aids the developers

An increase in productivity and efficiency of developers with predefined API connectors and predesigned templates. Increase the knowledge domain with the Mulesoft environment, integrated with tools like GitHub.

A secure feeling

Anypoint platform involves robust security in the form of a highly advanced defence system personalized to your needs for your API integration. So, your sensitive data is now protected with policies and parameters and APIs and microservices.

Bring on the change

Built to change with trends and time. The implemented APIs and microservices are reusable that makes integration and upgradation easier. Curate and adjust changes according to your changing business needs.

Here are some benefits of the
Mulesoft 4.x over Mulesoft 3.x

  • Leveraging DataWeave, Mulesoft has evolved into the language of expression as well, thus ensuring seamless data access.
  • The Anypoint studio now can detect any errors right during the designing phase
  • Now you can repeatedly stream without the need for manual settings or intervention
  • Trigger your manual jobs in just a step
  • Receive future frictionless upgrades
  • Self-tune the capabilities with the new execution engine
  • Enrichers have been made simpler, especially when trying to acquire data without losing prior information

Why Choose Accelirate as your Mulesoft partner?

  • Guaranteed increased efficiency of your operations
  • Best in the industry solutions by experts
  • Makes your workforce Mulesoft ready with training programs
  • Ensures security and confidentiality
  • 24*7 maintenance support and troubleshooting
  • 5000+ platform hours of experience
Accelirate Mulesoft