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Know Your Customer Data Download: RPA Implementation

For any company Customer Relationship Management is an integral part of running a profitable business. Being able to quickly update, upload, and download accurate and up-to-date information, for a Financial Service Company especially, is important for monitoring customer risk and alerting agents and customers of possible fraudulent activity on an account. Currently at this Global Financial Services Company there is a team of investigators that spend approximately 20 minutes per alert to manually fill out a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Template. At volumes of around 1,000 alerts per month, the team spends a lot of time capturing data and submitting supporting documentation to evidence via a KYC Template and several other internal data systems. In an effort to save money and reduce the time it takes to alert customers of a risk, an RPA Bot was implemented to prep and gather the data, fill out the KYC Template, and summarize the data pulled for each specific alert case.

  • Bot Searches for Cases: The Bot opens and logs into the alert system, searches for alerts, records their ID numbers.
  • Bot Retrieves Preliminary Data: The bot uses the recorded ID numbers for each alert and searches for customer data with a matching ID number, it then filters the cases into groups based on business unit
  • Bot Assigns Lists of Cases to Agents:
    a. The groups of cases by business unit are assigned to credit agentsby the bot. Cases that already have a KYC Template filled out have a “Ready” status and are divided between agents at this point. For those that do not have a KYC Template filled out entirely yet they are added to a queue for the bot to process, create, and fill out the template. It is then assigned to the corresponding business unit agent when “Ready”.
    b. During this Step the bot also organizes the list of cases sent to agents from high priority to low priority, so that the ones that need urgent attention are handled first.
  • Bot Gathers Customer Information for Each Alert: Each alert is drilled into for further customer information. Every blank spot in the KYC template is recognized and added into a queue. The bot then searches the company’s internal data engine for the information needed to fill each space of the template and continues this back and forth process of filling the template until the queue of queried information needed for the KYC is empty.
  • Check-Point for Cognitive Input: The bot is only able to fill in 80% of the KYC template because some of the information needed requires in-depth thought. The bot fills out the form to the best of its ability then emails the corresponding business unit for each case to alert them of the number of cases and the number of fields they themselves need to fill out in the KYC templates.
  • Bot Summarizes Information: Once the agent fills in the gaps on the KYC Template, the template is handed back to the bot for further processing. The bot pulls all the data from the template and puts all of the relevant information into an excel sheet.
  • KYC Team Notification: Once all the relevant information and files are downloaded and added into the excel sheet and the download ID assigned to each item is added into a final queue, the KYC team is notified that the process is complete for each case and each case is labeled “Ready” in the system for further processing by the assigned agents.

300+ Monthly Man-Hours Saved
$15,000+ Monthly Savings