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Robotic Process Automationin the Hospitality Industry


Hospitality workers can interact with hundreds of customers each day, with much of their time spent answering frequently-asked questions about the facility and its processes. Hotel employees may find themselves being asked questions like, “Do you have availability?”, “What time is breakfast?”, “Can I bring my pet?”, and “Is there a refrigerator in my room?” dozens of times daily. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help — Chatbots that use NLP are capable of understanding structured and unstructured text and language. These Chatbots can be installed to respond to FAQs, helping your customers get answers while freeing up time for employees to get their operational jobs done.

How else is automation technology changing the game for the hospitality industry? Desktop Bots can run on individual workstations to assist employees with with front-office functions that require pulling up customer information in real time, leading to shorter wait times and improved guest satisfaction.

RPA bots are also capable of using computer systems exactly like a human employee would, making them great at handling repetitive, high-volume back-office functions like processing invoices, claims, and bills. Applying RPA to these processes yields huge time savings, reduction of errors, and a reduction in operational costs.

Many hotels have already begun embracing automation to streamline their operations and improve guest experiences. RPA can play a key role in ensuring seamless customer service across all aspects of a guest’s stay, handling processes like:

  • Room Reservations
  • Front Desk Operations
  • Room Service Requests and Billing
  • Automated Check-In and Check-Out
  • Online Booking Management
  • Concierge Recommendations
  • Cancellation Handling
  • Loyalty Processing

RPA can be embedded into an existing system or implemented on top of multiple systems to automate a process or sequence of processes. It saves time and money, alleviates employee frustration, and offers seamless customer interactions which increases loyalty and inspires positive reviews from guests.