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Design & Engineering Services

Translate Your Goals Into Achievements With A Customized And Scalable Gen AI Solution.

Elevate Success With
Seamless Gen AI Evolution

Our exclusive Gen AI design & engineering services enable rapid prototyping of your AI architecture when and how your business grows so that you keep experiencing the optimal benefits of Gen AI minus the disruptions.

Integrations with Foundation Models

Experience end-to-end foundation model integrations with performance optimization, algorithm development, data preparation, and modeling.
Our team’s expertise in data preparation and modeling, algorithm development, and performance optimization allows us to deliver end-to-end foundation model integrations, thereby ensuring optimal deployment of Gen AI models across your business architecture.

Cognitive Platform Generative AI Enablement

Gain A Competitive Edge And Embrace A Smarter, Agile, And Successful Future As We Harness The Power Of AI-Driven Automation.
Execute With Finesse The Power Of Generative AI With Our Platform Enablement Program. Tap Into The True Potential Of AI And Capitalize On Its Overall Flexibility And Scalability To Secure A Seamless Integration With Your Enterprise Platforms.

Using Private Large Language Models LLMs

Design and develop cutting-edge, innovative Gen AI solutions.
We exploit our in-depth knowledge and experience in deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to design and develop cutting-edge, innovative Gen AI solutions that align with your business frameworks and goals and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Generative AI-Enabled Application Development

Uncover The Hidden Potential Of Gen AI And Translate The Potential To Substantial Outcomes.
We Develop Gen AI-Enabled Applications For Your Specific, Curated Business Needs. Our Tailored Approach Helps Uncover The Hidden Potential Of Gen AI And Translate The Potential To A Substantial Outcome That Empowers Your Business By Delivering Exactly What It Needs.

Why Choose Accelirate Design & Engineering Services for Gen AI?

A highly personalized customer approach.

Streamlined and simplified optimization of Gen AI solutions. 

Data-driven problem-solving for unadulterated growth. 

Cross-domain interoperability for maximum implementation.  

Easy-to-scale ecosystem to aid Gen AI innovation and evolution. 

A future-ready business infrastructure for superior agility. 

Optimal execution of the power of LLMs for exemplary outputs.  


Enrich Your Automation Workforce With Tenable Insights And Next- Generation Capabilities With Hands-On Training.

Case Studies

Learn how businesses achieved transformative growth with our Gen AI Solutions

Empower Your Business With Expert Insights
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The Accelirate GEN AI program is designed to help organizations rapidly discover opportunities within their enterprises by leveraging the transformative capabilities of Generative AI and large language models (LLM). It identifies unique opportunities pertaining to specific business cases, enables rapid prototyping of your AI architecture, and implements solutions in production at a fast pace.

Accelirate GEN AI program will help you integrate the power of GPT within your applications, thereby delivering more nuanced experiences across functions and operations within a fast-paced enviornment.

Yes, governance, security, and compliance are the key cornerstones of the Accelirate GEN AI program. Our experts have possess wide industry knowledge and technical expertise to address these concerns. We provide a full recommendation of security and governance best practices required for generative AI.

After Accelirate GEN AI implementation, we dedicate a round-the-clock support team from the robotic operations center. The ROC is responsible for monitoring and triaging any issues and inconveniences that may arise post-implementation and address them.

Yes, you can integrate the Accelirate GEN AI program into enterprise applications. To know more about how integrating the power of GPT into enterprise systems can enhance its capabilities and potential, please refer to our whitepapers and case studies.