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Create Credit Disputes: A Customer Service Solution

A Fortune 500 Financial Services Company receives more than 200 Credit Dispute Complaints from customers daily. Utilizing a staff of three FTE’s and Four Credit Agents to investigate, action, and respond to each dispute resulted in hours of work daily both within and beyond working hours to appropriately resolve each dispute no more than thirty days after it was submitted by the customer. The staff in charge of handling credit disputes was struggling to complete this task on top of their several other assigned customer-oriented jobs. Realizing that the credit dispute task alone was consuming more than 140 hours a month for the company and that a majority of this task was a monotonous process of logging, recording, and assigning each dispute to a credit agent Accelirate suggested this process as a good fit for RPA savings.

The Credit Dispute Process for this Financial Service Company involves the use of two internal systems. WebTop and an Internal Case and Resolution System. This process originally involved several steps of information gathering and recording, back and forth between the two systems and numerous errors like sending the case to an agent with missing relevant information, however we consolidated this process for efficiency and were able to create one involving a single bot that runs at the end of each day thus saving the client both time and money.

  • Dispute Information Entered into WebTop: When filing a Credit Dispute, the customer sends in information to a specific client mail center. The info is scanned and entered into the WebTop system to summarize the meta data and images of the items mailed in by the client.
  • Bot Pulls Credit Dispute Information from WebTop: The Bot logs into WebTop at the end of the day, then searches for and pulls all the scanned information from the mail room entered the previous day.
  • Bot Enters Relevant Data into Queue: The bot formats the information from WebTop and groups all the information by case into a queue to be entered into the Case and Resolution System.
  • Bot Notifies Manager of Queue Status: The bot sends a notification email to the Manager as a check-point to notify them of how many cases were stamped that day
  • Bot Enters Case Data into Case and Resolution System: The bot uploads all the collected data for each case into the Credit Dispute system in which each case is given an official Credit Dispute Case Number
  • Bot Enters Case Number into WebTop: Once the information for each Credit Dispute has been labeled an official credit dispute case in the Case and Resolution System, the bot goes back to the first system (WebTop) and enters the corresponding Case Number to each grouping of compiled dispute information.
  • Bot Assigns Each Dispute to an Agent: The Bot assigns each case to an agent so that they can follow up with the customer to properly handle each individual credit dispute.
  • Repeat Until all Records are Completed: The Bot runs the process over and over until all the records for cases scanned in from the previous day are completed.
  • Bot Emails Manager the Case List: The Bot compiles a full list of all the cases entered into the system along with a breakdown of cases assigned to each agent. This list is generated to notify the manager to review that each case is completed by the assigned agent and also notifies them of any cases labeled as exceptions that need to be further reviewed.

By adding a bot to this process, the client company was able to entirely eliminate the need for the three FTE’s spending a majority of their day dedicated to this task. Instead they were able to shift their focus to more customer-oriented tasks to help solve more complicated credit issues. The implementation of a bot also eliminated the need for overtime in times of increased dispute volume, eliminated errors and the need for back tracking when certain vital information was missed, and increased the speed in which disputes are resolved, thus improving customer satisfaction and wholly-eliminating the possibility for disputes being missed and/or not completed by the 30-day post stamp date deadline for all disputes to be resolved by.

14,000+ Checks Voided Monthly140+ Monthly Man-Hour Savings
$16,000+ Monthly Savings