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Accelirate’s New Comprehensive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service Offerings

Edison, NJ – Accelirate Inc., the largest and most advanced pure play RPA and AI Services provider in the United States, is excited to announce a comprehensive set of RPA Automation Services for Enterprises in various stages of RPA adoption. RPA adoption in the Enterprise is on a meteoric rise across a wide spectrum of Industries, driving a significant need for scaling Automation & AI Programs while delivering clear ROI driven Business Goals.

Accelirate’s RPA Services offerings include the following services:

RPA90X Accelerator: The RPA90X Program is designed to get an Enterprise up and running with their RPA Automation Program within 90-120 days, including 3-5 RPA Automations in production and a clearly identified pipeline of qualified processes to help the Enterprise properly budget.

RPA-COE: The RPA-COE program is designed for Enterprises that have started their RPA journey but need help in setting up a Robotic Operations Model and a Governance program to setup the Organization to scale the RPA Program.

RPA365: The RPA365 program allows Accelirate to partner with the Enterprise Clients to scale their RPA Program by utilizing multiple Automation Delivery PODs to address the influx of Automation requirements coming in from the Business.

Managed ROC (Robotic Operations Center): Accelirate’s Managed ROC is a program specifically designed for the Enterprise that has several bots in production and is looking to scale their bot deployments considerably while managing and monitoring growing Bot Infrastructure and Automations. The Managed ROC Program includes: Process and Bot Monitoring, Maintenance and Support, Deployment Support, monthly reviews of bot utilization metrics, optimization recommendations, monthly reviews of common business and technical bot exceptions, and resolution recommendations. The Managed ROC also delivers a comprehensive dashboard and report for all of the services it provides. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this service offering is that the program utilizes a broad set of tools and utilities that allow the Accelirate team to support an at scale RPA implementation at a lower cost than onshore resources.

Accelirate’s new comprehensive services are one-of-a-kind and available now. Contact or visit their website ( today for a more in-depth description of their outstanding new RPA Service Offerings!