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Accelirate Launches Managed Robotic Operations Center

Accelirate Inc. the largest niche RPA Services provider in the United States, has announced the launch of the first of its global network of managed ROCs (Robotic Operations Center) in Florida. The Managed ROC is an RPA Support, Management and Monitoring service designed to help enterprises scale their growing RPA and AI-based Automations. As RPA scales, many companies find it challenging to effectively manage their bot infrastructure while simultaneously adopting optimal bot utilization models.

Through the use of a broad set of tools and utilities combined with Onshore and Offshore ROC locations, the Accelirate ROC team is able to support and scale Enterprise RPA programs at a higher quality and for a lower cost than traditional ADM/BPO service providers. These tools and utilities include Automated Deployment, Automated Provisioning Scripts, and Alerting and Monitoring Dashboards, all of which can be licensed for use by RPA clients.​

The ROC service also includes the monitoring of any system exceptions and the overall RPA Platform infrastructure. The team will monitor bot deployments daily and in real-time; if a bot fails or runs into an error, the ROC team is able to correct the process and put the bot back into production with little process downtime. In order to facilitate this, Accelirate’s ROC will set up, configure, and customize a holistic process and monitoring system that includes:

  • RPA Robot Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Error and Exception Log Alerting
  • Activity Performance Monitoring​
  • Performance Degradation Detection
  • Process Support/Bug Fixes/Minor Code Changes

The Accelirate ROC is able to optimize automation operations using continuous improvement techniques and strategies that enable our clients to scale operations further by increasing their number of automations by 20-25% within the first year and without increasing overall operational costs,” says Karan Sehgal, Director of Accelirate’s Robotic Operations Center. “At the six-month mark, after establishing a ROC engagement with Accelirate, clients will even typically see a reduction in monthly support costs for their automation program by about 15%.

The Managed ROC program is designed around ROI for the client and Accelirate has plans to expand their global network of ROCs significantly throughout 2020 to further increase ROI. Following the official launch of the Sunrise, Florida ROC, Accelirate is opening additional locations in Edison, New Jersey, Houston, Texas, and Pune, India. Interested in more information about Accelirate Inc. and the Managed ROC service? Watch the official Accelirate ROC video or email