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Accelirate Launches Fast-Track Business Process Mining Service

RPA Services Provider Marks New Innovation Milestone With MINE90X Release

Accelirate Inc. has announced the release of its business process mining service for Enterprise RPA projects, MINE90X. The service was created to analyze business processes and offer data-driven insights to support RPA and help the technology deliver its full potential.

Many businesses scaling RPA lack a holistic view of their business processes, leading them to struggle with leveraging the technology to improve long-term business efficiency. MINE90X deconstructs the “anatomy” of a business process to get to the root of inefficiencies, enabling businesses to extract value from operational insights. The program leverages UiPath Process Mining and custom process dashboards that visualize and highlight critical process data, much like the device an auto mechanic uses to run diagnostics on a car. The program also provides an implementation road map to manage and standardize mining results across processes within the organization.

Accelirate, the largest niche RPA services provider in the United States, has been recognized across the industry for its value-driven automation service offerings. MINE90X – like the company’s RPA90X, AI90X, and RDA90X offerings – follows a pod-based delivery system and 90-day implementation timeline. By eliminating the hefty upfront costs and extended time-to-value realization from trial-and-error process mining startups, the MINE90X Accelerator Program offers an ROI-focused solution that implements valuable process improvements.

“These costs and challenges often result in enterprises delaying or avoiding moving forward with establishing a process mining practice, believing the initial outlay is too great to justify,” said Ahmed Zaidi, Accelirate’s Chief Automation Officer. “Others avoid it because they believe they will end up in a never-ending standstill trying to find the ‘perfect’ use case.”

MINE90X delivers clients two business process “mines” within 90 days and provides a Process Implementation Document (PID) displaying all of the insights, dashboards, process maps, and process information learned from the “mine,” as well as an Implementation Plan that pairs each process insight with a solution.

Enterprises interested in the program can connect with Accelirate’s Business Process Mining experts at or download the MINE90X Brochure to learn more.