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Accelirate Expands to Houston, Texas

Accelirate Inc. has announced the opening of a new office in Houston, Texas. As Accelirate grows and the number of clients increase in the Lone Star State, the need for a Brick and Mortar location became pertinent. Housing a team of Automation & AI Engineers, Business Analysts, and Client Alliance Managers, this new location will give Accelirate a larger Texas presence and the ability to better service the South-Central and Mid-Western regions. Like the exponential growth observed in the Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence Industry, Accelirate Inc. has been growing at a rapid pace. Accelirate was formed in late 2016 as AutomateWork and started in 2017 as a three-man operation. Accelirate now employs 120+ Full-time people with offices in the Northeast (New Jersey) and Southeast (South Florida) regions. With this accelerated growth comes the constant need to be closer to where Clients are.

Located in the Energy Corridor on Katy Freeway, this new location is used as a central hub for the Accelirate’s Texas Engagements. Housed in a Class-A building located at I-10, Beltway 8, area of Houston, this location is known as a business hub for Houston’s oil and gas industry. This business center location offers fully furnished offices, conference rooms, administrative services, covered parking, on-site security and twenty-four hour access and is known for its Industrial Modern decor, with its bright colors and unique furnishings. When planning the move to Texas, Accelirate sought out an office space specifically in the Energy Corridor as this industry is one that is currently ripe for the mass adoption of Automation & AI Technologies.

“Our growth philosophy is to focus really hard on our core competency around RPA Automation & AI Technologies from the ground up. To that end, we not only hire laterally, but we also have extensive internal talent development and training programs around these technologies. Our new office in Houston will not just be a sales office, it will be one of our major training and developmental hubs. It will also allow us to better serve our Clients in the South-Central region, as Houston is the perfect location for Accelirate’s 3rd physical location in the United States. We expect to create over 50 high-technology jobs in the Houston area over the next 12-18 months.” says Accelirate CEO, Zia Bhutta. Accelirate is happy to see such growth and measured success and is looking forward to future expansion.

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