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Accelirate Announces Expansion of Services Portfolio, Launches Comprehensive Emerging Technology Services for Digital Transformation

Accelirate’s newest service offerings support holistic transformation through automation and the ecosystem of related emerging technologies, reflecting the company’s strategic vision and accelerated growth

Accelirate, the leading niche automation services firm in the United States, today announced it will be expanding its business model to offer emerging technology services in addition to its existing RPA and AI services. Reflecting the company’s evolution into a key global provider of digital business solutions, Accelirate’s new services will enable the company’s clients to unlock new value through emerging technologies to achieve holistic digital transformation.

“While RPA presents an opportunity to transform the way enterprises operate, automation is only the beginning,” said Accelirate CEO, Ahmed Zaidi. “Enterprises using RPA as a standalone tool are limiting themselves from achieving transformation at scale. By leveraging automation alongside other complementary technologies, companies can tie their digital transformation into an enterprise-wide growth strategy.”

Accelirate’s new services, delivered through the company’s global emerging technology pods, are as follows:

  • Outcome Engineering Services: Strategy Consulting, Solution Discovery and Pipeline Creation, Process Mining, CoE Implementation
  • Technology Solutions: Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Integration/Workflow Platform as a Service (IPaaS), Systems of Record Integration, Process Reengineering
  • Data Solutions: Data Analytics, Business Intelligence
  • Managed Services: Robotic Operations Center (ROC), Platform Migrations, Developer Enablement Training, Citizen Developer Enablement Programs

Accelirate has also announced strategic partnerships with several technology platforms to support its new service capabilities, including Tonkean, Singularity Systems, Snowflake, Krista, and Workato. This high-impact partner ecosystem will enable Accelirate to deliver innovative solutions that drive better outcomes for their clients.

“As digital transformation becomes a priority for companies across the globe, automation consumption is evolving,” said Harsh Thakar, Accelirate COO. “RPA is still a priority for business leaders, but it is not the end goal of their transformation. Rather, more businesses today will start their journey with RPA technology and use it as a conduit for the adoption of other related technologies that work together to improve business productivity. Our new services and partnerships were all strategically developed to meet these evolving business needs.”

Accelirate continues to grow globally, with over 250 team members across the United States, South America, and India. The company’s new strategic direction and service offerings mark its continued commitment to revolutionizing the delivery of digital business solutions worldwide.