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Accelirated Discovery

6-week Process Discovery Program

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Although Process Automation Technologies such as RPA and AI have a huge scope in bringing Process efficiencies within Enterprise through Automation, most Enterprises still struggle in identifying and analyzing Processes/Tasks suitable for Automation & AI. The fact is that RPA delivers ROI however a lot of that ROI exists in “aggregate” gains achieved by formalizing Automation as an Enterprise wide Program.

Accelirated Discovery is a sustainable & Repeatable Methodology to Identify & Assess Business Processes for Automation & AI. Accelirate is the only firm with a focus and a comprehensive set of services around scaling Enterprise Automation & AI programs.

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RPA & AI Technologies are enabling Business Process Automation at multiple levels including Processes, Tasks and Workflows. However, RPA & AI must be looked at as part of an overall Enterprise Automation Program where smaller business wins and ROI collectively translate into the overall Digital Transformation of an organization. After conducting a survey of current RPA & AI clients, Accelirate discovered that very few organizations are maximizing the potential of their programs due to challenges with discovering, identifying, and assessing processes.

Accelirate’s AcceleratedDiscovery methodology and Service offering is designed to help Clients discover and identify Business Processes and Tasks that are candidates for RPA & AI automation. The need for this service stems from the idea that companies need expert assistance in avoiding the typical mistakes that Enterprises make in the Business Analysis process. The AcceleratedDiscovery approach consists of the following components:

  • Standardize: Standardizing the Processes and Tasks at Departmental and Sub-Departmental levels
  • Categorize: Classification of Processes and Tasks based on Manual/Repetitive, IQ-oriented and Wastage buckets
    • Manual/Repetitive: Tasks/processes that are purely mechanical in nature; These tasks can be assessed for Automation
    • IQ-oriented: Tasks/Processes requiring varying levels of Intelligence and Decision making; These High IQ tasks can be left alone to Humans or incrementally tackled with AI Technologies
    • Wastage: Tasks/Processes that could potentially be eliminated based on value
  • Organize: Assessing the Processes for Automation & AI
  • Rationalize: Rationalizing the Tasks/Processes using Automation & AI

The benefits of this approach not only amplify the potential of automation but can also clean out potential wastage tasks/activities in your organization and maximum ROI.


Automation Roadmap
Process Automation Pipeline
Process Rationalization Report
30-90 Days*

*Timeline variability depends on the department(s) size, scope and complexity

Accelirated Discovery™ Methodology