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Robotic Operations Center

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Accelirate Managed Robotic Operations Center (ROC) is specifically designed for Enterprises where scaling the Automation deployments is a major objective. The Managed ROC Service Offerings include:

Accelirate’s Managed ROC Establishment


Process and Bot Monitoring

Bot Performance Monitoring (Workload, Exceptions, Queues

Bot Platform Monitoring (Infrastructure Monitoring)


L1 and L2 Support (Usability Support, Triage, Trouble Shooting)

Escalation and coordination of issue resolution with development teams


Bug fixes and minor updates to process automation

Deployment Support

Support deployment of code to production

Added Value Services

Monthly review of Bot utilization Metrics and Optimization recommendations

Monthly review of most common business and technical exceptions and resolution recommendations


ROC Services are ongoing services

6 Month – 1 Year Service Contracts

*We are flexible to scale up and down


Comprehensive Dashboard and Reports for all of the services provided above

Delivery Models

Onsite (Client Location)

Accelirate Delivery Centers in U.S.

Offshore (Offshore is offered for price competitiveness and is optional)

Hybrid of all or some of the above


Flexible, but dependent on the Bot farm size and scaling requirements.
*Please contact us for pricing at

The Managed ROC utilizes a broad set of tools and utilities that allow the Accelirate team to support an at scale RPA implementation at a lower cost using Onshore resources. These tools and utilities include, Automated Deployment Utilities, Automated Provisioning Scripts, and Alerting and Monitoring Dashboards. These tools and utilities can be licensed for use for Client’s (a detailed pricing plan can be provided upon request).

Process and Bot Monitoring

The Accelirate team provides bot monitoring for all automations in production. This includes the monitoring of any system exceptions as well as the monitoring of the RPA Platform infrastructure. In order to facilitate this, we setup, configure, and customize a holistic process and robot monitoring infrastructure; this includes:

  • RPA robot Infrastructure monitoring
  • Flagging of errors and exceptions in logs
  • Activity performance monitoring and slowdown detection

RPA Metrics and KPI Reporting

Bot Alerts

Key notifications generated by robots alert operations teams of unusual activity. These alerts include

  • “I have received more work than usual” (Number of items on queue is larger than average)
  • “I have received no work and I should be working at the moment” (Number of items on queues is much lower than average)
  • “The Handling Time for a transaction is greater than 2 standard deviations from the average”
  • “There are abandoned items in a work queue”
  • “Process has taken over 20 minutes to work on an item”

Work Progress

What do the work queues look like at the moment?

  • Completed/Pending/In Progress
  • Exception
    • Business
    • System
  • In-progress
    • How long have the items been pending?
    • How many items are deferred and their reason for deferment and deferred date?
    • How many items were re-tried?
    • What is the average handling time of completed work?
  • With no retries/With retries

Aggregate Metrics

What is the productivity of my digital workforce?

  • Cases worked by process automation:
    • Every day/week/Month
  • Digital Workers per Process Automation:
    • Every day/day of the week/by this time of the month
  • Pending item analysis over a period at the current time

Strategic Metrics

  • How many manual hours were returned by this automation?
  • What are the trends for cases handled and Average Handling time?
  • What is my Bot License and VM Infrastructure Utilization?
  • What are the most common business exceptions?


Support services include Level 1 and Level 2 Production Support. These support requests include usability issues as well as triage and the troubleshooting of process automations. The ROC Team also engages with the development teams to escalate and provide logs and event timelines in order to facilitate root cause analysis.


As a part of the Managed ROC Service, the ROC provides for a number of development hours every month to address bug fixes and minor updates to processes.

Deployment Support

Accelirate’s ROC builds and deploys automations between environments. Our team works closely with the development teams to ensure all documentation is provided for automations before promotion. In the long term, we configure and setup scripts to eventually automate the RPA build process, which includes:

  • Automated Builds
  • Automated Promotion
  • Automated Production Deployment and Smoke Tests

Contact us today for more information on Accelirate’s Managed ROC Service Offerings.