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We help you develop a Strategy and a Roadmap, including Tool Selection, Productivity metrics and ROI Models.


We deploy your RPA solution, establish governance and address IT and security concerns. We also train your staff to maintain the solution.

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We manage, monitor, tune and continually optimize your robotic process execution. We also implement enhancements and manage your RPA infrastructure.


Post the RPA Pilot – An Operating Model for Scale (Psst..You Have Help)

In my last 2 posts I talked about setting up the RPA CoE and how that can be a very daunting list of activities. But for those who have made the decision to adopt RPA as an enterprise strategy for automation, fear not; You have help. Apart from the Service Providers who have their own methodologies and models, software vendors can be a great source of assistance in setting up your RPA Program.

While most software vendors have focused on specific architectural and development guidelines for their specific product, Blue Prism stands out as a product vendor that has paid special attention to the actual Enterprise Operating Model for a digital workforce. In our experience, Blue Prism has a holistic view on not only the RPA technology but also the accompanying organizational and governance models that are required to ensure that the Program is successful at scale.  Scale is key here. Not only does this model address how to develop successful automation, it very heavily emphasizes demand management and the support operational model that is required to eventually maintain the automations delivered in production. The BP Robotic Operating Model provides a clear blueprint for establishing an enterprise RPA capability.

Highlights of the BP Robotic Operating Model (ROM)

  •  Clearly defined roles and responsibilities, not only for delivery management, but also for an enterprise level RPA program governance, demand generation, demand management, and most importantly ongoing operational support
  • An exhaustive and comprehensive list of documents and templates for each function that ensures that all relevant information regarding a process is captured, from identification of opportunity all the way to BAU
  • A model for ensuring optimal selection of processes and delivery prioritization that includes all stakeholders through the formation of a Governance Board
  • A model for ensuring architectural and design excellence throughout the development phase by the formation of a design authority
  • A service model that clearly outlines support activities and people responsible for these activities.

Additionally, BP also offers a ROM Assurance Program that will allow you to ensure that lessons learned from other implementations can be incorporated early on as you establish you RPA program; this program also provides ongoing support. Along with the documentation and blueprints, BP also offers an excellent training program for all the roles necessary for your RPA delivery capability. If Blue Prism is your selected tool of choice, we strongly recommend that you study the Robotic Operating Model in depth and leverage it.