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Singularity Systems

Singularity Systems is a global provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for intelligent document processing and predictive analytics. Singularity Systems provides an Artificial Intelligence platform called Singu̇AI to help enterprises transform their raw data into actionable insight. The platform helps businesses across industries use Artificial Intelligence to efficiently leverage data in real-time to power operational decisions at machine speed, enabling businesses to tackle complex use cases (e.g., classifying and extracting data from long, variable, unstructured documents) and achieve nearly 100% straight-through processing.
The Singu̇AI platform combines computer vision, NLP, and a proprietary OCR, all based on machine learning and deep learning, in a microservices environment that integrates with virtually every RPA, BPM, and legacy application used today. It also allows users to build machine learning models with an intuitive browser interface that requires no coding, thus eliminating the need for data scientists to build data classification and extraction models and constantly retrain them. These capabilities make AI scalable for the enterprise.
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