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Robotic Software Technology can be used to automate most swivel chair activities in any Business.


Hospitality Industry can benefit from the Software Robots within Front and Back office functions. For e.g. many Employees are hired to process the hundreds of invoices, claims and bills that have to be processed by the Hotel on a daily basis. Tasks like checking the invoice, copy-pasting data, transferring information are rules based and repetitive. Even tasks such as Tax filing for Cruise Lines are rules based complex tasks that requires collation of data from various vessels and then aggregation and preparation of filing data for various jurisdictions. RPA can be used to not only manage the seasonal upswings but also normal day to day Operations

RPA is just one of the solutions that are a part of the overall Digital Transformation for the Hospitality industry which includes streamlining the Check in process, handling customer queries and Customer Services Issues.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

In addition to automating many Clinical Processes that are people intensive, RPA Software can also be used to automate many Finance & Accounting and HR Operations. In addition, RPA Software can also help with the Validation and Change Management procedures that are integration to any of the Operations. Almost all RPA Software has robust Audit Logs that allow the traceability and accountability of every action taken by Robots.

Legal Industry

In addition to the Finance & Accounting and HR areas, RPA and AI Robots can be used to help automate various record keeping tasks within the Law firms.

Discovery efforts that require collation of data from multiple sources can be good candidates for automation.

AI Robots can eventually ingest legal documents, contextually understand them and then provide the User with a Chatbot like interface to query them. Although services like ROSS are already in the market, it may be another few years before wide spread use of this technology will happen

Accounting and Finance

Research shows that from 2015-2017, ‘Accounts Payable’ is anticipated to be one of the areas with the highest percentage of Robotic Process Automation implementations.  Many F&A tasks are prime candidates for RPA.

  • Billing – Create and Send Invoice
  • Accounts Receivable (e.g. AR Aging)
  • Journal Entries, Adjustments, reconciliations
  • Month End closing and Reporting
  • Inter Company Transactions
  • Maintaining Accounting Master Data (Customer/Vendor information Updates)
  • Expense Reporting
Automated Data Entry

Managed IT & Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers

In IT Managed Services & Infrastructure support environment, RPA software can be used for automating following scenarios.

  • Help Desk Agents
  • System Administration & Provisioning
  • Incident Management
  • Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Systems Administration
  • Network Support
  • Database Administration
  • Backup management

One of our Clients was able to replace a staff of 3 FTEs doing 24 x 7 System Monitoring by implementing a Software Robot. The project was completed within 2 weeks and the ROI was significant and savings are permanent.

Our teams can help you determine which processes are the best candidates for doing initial Proof of Concepts and eventual implementations.

What We Offer

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We help you develop a Strategy and a Roadmap, including Tool Selection, Productivity Metrics and ROI Models.

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We deploy your RPA solution, establish governance and address IT and security concerns. We also train your staff to maintain the solution.

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Managed Services

We manage, monitor, tune and continually optimize your robotic process execution. We also implement enhancements and manage your RPA infrastructure.