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We help you develop a Strategy and a Roadmap, including Tool Selection, Productivity metrics and ROI Models.


We deploy your RPA solution, establish governance and address IT and security concerns. We also train your staff to maintain the solution.

Managed Services

We manage, monitor, tune and continually optimize your robotic process execution. We also implement enhancements and manage your RPA infrastructure.


Increase Call Center Productivity with Robotic Process Automation Solutions

Customer Service Representative CSR

It’s an experience most of us are all too familiar with. Call a Customer Service Center for any company, you might be put on hold several times during the call. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) takes customer data and manipulates multiple internal IT systems to retrieve, update or delete data. Most CSRs switch between multiple computer screens while trying to satisfy the impatient customer on the other end of the line. The net effect, in many cases, is a higher than desirable Average Handle Time (AHT).

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology implementations allow CSRs to use RPA as their virtual assistants; the Robot can manipulate different IT systems much more quickly and accurately as compared to a Human. The CSR can focus on their conversation with the customer without additional and unnecessary distractions. For example, consider a scenario where a customer wants to update their address information with the company. The CSR can take the key customer information, last name, SSN, etc., feed that to the robot, and the robot can pull up the customer record in multiple systems, giving the CSR a simple interface to update the record. Once the CSR enters that information the robot logs into the different systems, updates them all and provides the status to the CSR.

ChatBot technology

RPA implementations have a much lower technical footprint as compared to traditional IT Integration projects since RPA mostly operates at the UI or Surface level (but has the capability to call in APIs as required).

Today’s Call Centers are dealing with high attrition and low customer satisfaction scores. We hear more conversations of recent about advanced AI-based ChatBots replacing CSRs, however, ChatBot technology penetration is still very low because of the maturity cycle that the ChatBot technology has to go through. RPA implementations can improve call center productivity in a very short period of time.