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The Impact of RPA in Customer Service Call Centers

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to a wide range of advanced, intelligent tools that are used to fulfill routine tasks. RPA is being used by various industries for scalability and cost savings, and there is one industry in particular that has a lot to gain is customer service. With the ability to provide solutions to common problems that exist within service, processes and technology, customer service call centers can employ greater efficiency, improve overall customer service, and increase their profitability using RPA.

Let’s look closer at the typical challenges of an agent-customer interaction and how RPA can solve them.

Limitations of Customer Contact Centers

When a customer calls into customer service, they speak with a representative who verifies the account and asks what the reason for the call is. The customer’s concerns are then either handled by the current agent or transferred to the correct department.

Gathering information is difficult for the service agent; they have to jump from one system to the next, verifying the account in one system, while all the other relevant customer information including: current order status, order history, and pending/support tickets are on another. Navigating between multiple screens is a headache for the service agent, particularly when they aren’t proficient in the systems. Not to mention, junior customer service representatives will have an even more difficult time navigating the systems. Additional challenges include slow processing times, different logins, and copy/pasting between screens. If there are questions the agent doesn’t have answers to, they have to scramble to read manuals and training notes, all while the customer is waiting on the other end of the line.

How RPA is Improving Customer Interactions

Robotic Process Automation isn’t just an easier way to handle tedious tasks. It offers widespread benefits for contact centers and customers that will elevate service levels while saving time and money. RPA Robots are trained so that they are capable of performing rules based functions just as a human would be able to.

First, RPA provides a more seamless experience for the customer by having a near 0% error rate; the customer can call in and have updated notes and contact information right off the bat. Plus, the service representative has an easier time relaying information and responding to the customer’s needs; this efficiency lets them take care of more people in a shorter amount of time and ensuring a better quality experience.

Second, RPA allows agents to integrate data into fields so that all systems are updated by only entering the information one time. This allows for customer service reps to spend less time updating information across several systems, and ensures that no system will be missed when adding the new and relevant info, thus decreasing the error rate. By automating processes and allowing for real-time data integration, communications are greatly improved.

Beyond Customer Service Call Centers, here are some additional tasks that can be automated:

    • Billing customers
    • Closing Fraudulent Accounts
    • Order Processing
    • Compliance Reporting
    • Resolving Disputes
    • Sending Shipping Notifications
    • Updating Client Profiles


The experience that customers have when they reach out to your customer care team is vital to the reputation of your business. One poor interaction can lead to a strong opinion of how your business cares for its customers, and depending on this reputation, you may win new business or lose it. With RPA solutions, your agents can provide a high level of customer service that allows your business to be accessible, flexible, and relevant.