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We help you develop a Strategy and a Roadmap, including Tool Selection, Productivity metrics and ROI Models.


We deploy your RPA solution, establish governance and address IT and security concerns. We also train your staff to maintain the solution.

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We manage, monitor, tune and continually optimize your robotic process execution. We also implement enhancements and manage your RPA infrastructure.


Why Every Automated Enterprise Needs ROC Support

“If your enterprise has an automation program, establishing bot monitoring and maintenance is inevitable. ROC is inevitable.” – Karan Sehgal, Head of Accelirate Robotic Operations Centers

As agile enterprises realize the benefits of automation and scale their RPA programs, they will inevitably become more reliant on the digital workforce. While overall beneficial for business (Read the 2020 RPA Census to see the benefits today’s automated organizations are seeing), dependence on RPA bots does, however, carry a major drawback – increased operational risk associated with possible digital workforce failure. This dependency and risk make one thing certain: it is absolutely critical to businesses that their automations run correctly and efficiently.

Automation failures can include events such as bot breakdowns, bots not being correctly or effectively scheduled to maximize license use, bots “looping” or executing the same step of a process over and over again, bots running at times when the systems they must access are unavailable, or bots being poorly or erroneously designed by the organization’s in-house development team. Whatever the issue may be, these automation failures are costly and can cause more financial damage the more reliant the organization is on its bot fleet – especially when the teams previously assigned to these manual processes have been assigned other organizational tasks, thereby decreasing the availability of automation failure support.

While it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of bot failure, the automated enterprise needs operations in place to minimize the risk and recover quickly from the downtime. The best solution is to plan for such digital workforce failures by establishing a robust support ecosystem in the form of a Robotic Operations Center. At its core, a Robotic Operations Center (ROC) is a form of insurance for your digital workforce. Just as we would protect any major investment in our lives, whether it be a home, vehicle, or other valuable assets with an insurance policy, a ROC is an insurance policy for your automation program that protects the time and costs associated with building a digital workforce. With agile organizations already having established Network Operations Centers and Security Operations Centers, it befits them to protect their bot fleet with the same level of proactive defense.

A Robotic Operations Center (ROC) will ensure a sustainable environment that allows the enterprise to continue on its automation journey without significantly increasing the cost of operations. A ROC should be structured centrally to manage and maintain automations horizontally across various business units, and it should also continuously optimize to ensure the cost of support operations does not increase at the same rate as the number of automations increase.

A ROC provides dedicated support services of which can be categorized into four functions:

  1. Monitoring Systems and Health Checks – preemptive and alert-based bot monitoring, first-level troubleshooting and resolution, bot capacity/availability and schedule tracking
  2. Incident and Change Management – bot problems, business process changes, application upgrades, process enhancement requests
  3. Reporting Dashboards – bot run schedules, business and technical exceptions logging and review, transaction volumes, bot utilization
  4. Process Improvement – volume increase, speed increase, data logging standardization, exception handling

By covering these four key areas, ROC support provides enterprises with the insurance they need for high availability, reduced risk of failure, prompt issue resolution, and maximized uptime, keeping the business resilient and ensuring it takes full advantage of each purchased bot license.

As automation becomes ubiquitous across industries, so will the use of ROC support. For leaders not trained in what to look for while managing and maintaining a digital workforce, keeping the automation program running efficiently can become a major challenge over time. To make sure your RPA journey does not lose momentum, Accelirate’s Enterprise Automation ROC Experts are specially trained and prepared to meet these challenges and provide a robust support ecosystem through monitoring, incident and change management ROC resources.

To learn more about Accelirate ROC Support, download our Managed ROC Services brochure here, and watch our ROC Video here.