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Automation Support Lead

Accelirate Automation Support Leads are trained in Robotic Process Automation tools and methodologies.

Incoming members go through a structured training program which will teach them the fundamentals of process automation, introduce them to specialized RPA topics, and prepare them for end-to-end client automation.

This is a team of motivated, and energetic individuals that participate in the process of design, coding, unit testing, and debugging of new robots based on Accelirate’s proprietary methodology.

Essential Duties Include:

  • Acquire the necessary skills for RPA automation through the Accelirate’s Training Program.
  • Documenting business processes to assist automation efforts.
  • Develop and validate automation functionality with project stakeholders.
  • Deploying and maintaining automation on orchestration software in existing environments.
  • Responsible for collaborating and communicating effectively with various stakeholders.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues in existing solutions.
  • Once the necessary knowledge has been attained, the lead will mentor/coach, and manage client incidents/tasks assigned to L1/L2 members.

Minimum Degree Requirement:

Bachelor’s Degree in a Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Related Disciplines.


  • 3+ years of coding experience with either JavaScript, C#, Python, .Net (Preferred), application support
  • Excellent communication and time management skills
  • Excellent logical thinking, critical reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong Academic Record or Strong Related Internship/Co-Op/Enterprise Work Experience
  • Experience with RPA methodology and technologies preferred.
  • Experience leading team members of 3+ while handling escalation requests.