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Accelirate Business Process Automation Labs are
dedicated to solve structured and unstructured data Business Problems using Machine Learning and AI Technologies

Accelirate Business Process Automation Labs

For some, Business Process Automation means writing Automation Scripts, for others it may mean deploying a complicated BPM Product Suite, Enterprise Application Integration suites and/or Robotic Process Automation Solutions. At a high level, any Business Process can be broken down into a Collection of Workflows, Rules, Tasks and Sub-Tasks. Business Process Automation can be viewed strategically from a broader Enterprise lens or it can be implemented tactically to address point problems with point solutions.

Most of the Process Automation problems simply can’t be solved by a “One Vendor” strategy. Some of the RPA Vendors today talk about having an edge over others by having ‘Smart’ AI enabled features however in reality, we live in a Cloud-based Solutions ecosystem. Today’s solutions typically may look like an RPA System from one Vendor combined with an OCR Solution from another and an AI Platform from Google, Microsoft Cognitive, Amazon etc. as well as other existing internally developed Technologies.

One of the bigger questions asked these days is about when, where and what type of AI Technologies should be applied to Business Process Automation challenges? At Accelirate, we not only focus on RPA Technologies but we also research the solutions for unstructured data related problems which can’t be addressed by many of today’s RPA Tools. For e.g. address parsing problem where a Business Process requires to identify whether the address belongs to an individual vs. Company. This problem can be solved by plugging in an RPA process to call a pre-trained Open Source Machine Learning library of US Addresses.

As it relates to Process Automation challenges, Accelirate Labs is a dedicated Research and Development team that develops integrations and add-ons for RPA platforms that enable NLP, Machine Learning and OCR capabilities.

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